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The Green Hotel, Mysore, India


The Chittaranjan Palace, built for Mysore's princesses, has been lovingly restored as a charming hotel. In extensive gardens, with formal lawns and shaded pergolas, and fringed by majestic trees, the hotel is an oasis of calm.

Renovated and furnished using traditional Indian crafts, the hotel offers comfortable surroundings, friendly staff, and a restful, creative atmosphere. Guests have come for a night and stayed for a month!

Green Credentials

The Green Hotel has been set up as a model of sustainable tourism, by the Charities Advisory Trust, a UK charity. All profits are distributed to charitable and environmental projects in India.

The hotel incorporates energy saving initiatives: solar energy; recycled water for the garden. Where possible we have used Indian crafts, providing employment for traditional craftsmen, many of them National Award winners.

By finding an economic use for the palace and its historic garden we have saved it from demolition and re-development of the site.


Mysore, the charming town and immortalised by RK Narayan in his Malgudi novels, provides an excellent base from which to tour South India. The Western Ghats, the coffee plantations of Coorg, the game reserves of the Nilgris and the Ooty hill station are all within a few hours drive. Mysore is 140km from the bustle of Bangalore.



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Craft Shop

Hotel's craft shop has a specially chosen range of items made almost exclusively by National Award winners. Quilts, scarves, shawls, brasswork, clothing : a really exciting collection of items at competitive prices. And the craftspeople are paid a fair price.

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About Mysore

Mysore is a heart of cultural activities.

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Confrences and Parties

There are excellent facilites for conferences and parties. The entire hotel can be booked, or part of the hotel allocated for your needs.

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Special Offers

If you wish to reserve your accommodation before you arrive, you can book online or contact the Green Hotel either by phone, fax or mail.